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What is Which Menu ?

An app helping you decide where to eat out..

Which Menu is essentially a hub with all the information you need when deciding where to eat out at your fingertips. Which Menu allows you to browse through nearby restaurants in order of distance from your device bringing up the nearest restaurants first. 

Once you have decided where you want to go, you can easily see a brief description about the restaurant, view their menu as it would be in house, check out their reviews from TripAdvisor and also see any offers if they have any on!

But thats not all..


Why use Which Menu ?

How else can Which Menu help

So imagine you're in a city that you are not quite familiar with but your hungry and you know what you want to eat but you don't know any restaurants nearby that might have it. Rather than googling nearby restaurants, then having to find their menu within their site, and then going over to TripAdvisor to check out their reviews;


You use the Which Menu App!

Which Menu will automatically show you the closest restaurants, tell you what cuisine it is and allow you to easily navigate through their menu, reviews and offers. You can then call up the restaurant, visit their website, get directions via maps or book an UBER all through the app to the restaurants door.

and theres more..

Benefits of Which Menu ?

Stay in touch with your favourite restaurants

Simply, when you favourite a restaurant on the Which Menu App, you will be kept up to date with all their latest      offers, personally receiving app push notifications as soon as they put them on! 

Find your favourite dish

Using our search feature on the app, it scans through all restaurants menus for you, so all you need to do is search for the dish you want i.e. 'Chicken' or 'Falafel' and it will bring up all the restaurants near you that have it on their menus! 


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Fast Performance

Take advantage of our easy to use back end system to manage info, menus, offers & more..

Push notifications

Use our marketing tool to instantly notify any customer who has favourited you on the app. Turning your quieter days / hours into your busier hours!

Save money

Save money on marketing and let us do all the hard work! We will work closely with you to help push your business!



'Which Menu is a great concept and we are looking forward to being part of the first wave of restaurants featured on the app. It's a unique marketing tool and will allow us to reach our followers in a very immediate way....we are excited to see how it will impact the Liverpool food and drink industry” 

—  Thomas White - Maray