How to adapt your coffee for the changing consumer

Baristas, roasters and coffee shop owners were some of the first to close the doors to their businesses as lockdowns began. Some never reopened.

The coffee industry is fast developing but when Covid-19 disrupted the norm, producers and retailers needed to think on their feet – and fast. With 25 million coffee bean farmers responsible for growing 80% of the world's coffee, 125 million employees depended on coffee consumption for their livelihood.

So, why, how and what did producers and retailers do to keep delivering consumers their daily caffeine hit?

As consumers were confined to working from home and with limited options to leave the house, people needed to uplift their spirits and so, began to recognise and reward themselves with the little wins from day to day.

During lockdown, people gravitated towards learning new skills – and making coffee became one of them. According to a survey, 45% of people tested a new brewing method to make coffee at home compared to 2019. Uncovering the overlooked technique and skill required to make the perfect cup, consumers quickly began to learn and experiment at home.

With 22% of consumers investing in simple and basic machines to settle their coffee crave, 33% of consumers alternatively were more adventurous in experimenting with new coffee techniques and recipes at home during 2020. Catching the coffee bug, 46% of consumers had a desire to learn more about how to brew better coffee at home. This was baristas, roasters and coffee shop owners' way to continue nurturing relationships and engaging new conversations.

As with almost every business, consumer demographics were thrown out the window as everyone's priorities and behaviours pivoted. From out-of-home to at-home consumption, takeaway service, social media, mobile pop-ups and e-commerce stepped in to save the day.

One thing was made clear during the lockdown – coffee consumption isn't disappearing anytime soon. However, the pandemic has brought to light the monumental impact a lack of social outings can affect the market.

Adapting to a changing market, brands had been given a natural pause in time to research how and where consumers were getting their coffee consumption whilst simultaneously learning how best to implement new strategies to meet them in the middle.

Baristas, roasters and coffee shop owners were left in the eye of the storm searching for tactics to help keep their business and bills afloat. From brewing up a storm on social media to hitting the road in mobile pop-up vans, it's fair to say coffee providers have become innovative to keep themselves at the forefront of the coffee conversation.

However, getting in front of your consumers is one task – it's another to ensure they keep coming back. If you're looking for a way to help boost the quality of your business, Gaggia is your perfect match. By just focusing on making four simple changes, Gaggia can help amplify your coffee to become the go-to supplier on the block.

Change your menu & focus on consistency

If you're the one providing barista coffee then have a think about your menu. Take some time to think about your positioning in the market and what blends and coffee brands will align with your demographic.

If you need a helping hand, get in touch with your roaster, they're there to help you refresh your offering. However, remember consistency is key. As well as guiding you to new menu additions they can help partner you with a supplier who's known for providing consistent quality to help differentiate your brand and win market share.

Maintain, change, or replace your equipment

With a Gaggia machine capable of transporting your customers to the streets of Milano, it's vital that you keep your finely tuned instruments gleaming. Only taking 10 minutes to clean and maintain your machine's lifespan, owners can avoid altering the cup profile of your coffee and keep their eye out for any equipment that needs replacing.

Consider your design

It's true what people say, we judge books by their covers. And so, no one will walk into a store, a shop or event space if it looks dated and unappealing. Needing to grab consumers' attention, why not refine your brand identity, stand out amongst the competition and flaunt Gaggia's La Reale – shaped to capture and reflect the light.

Retraining or refreshing staff & baristas

It's never a bad thing to retrain and refresh your staff. As a simple way to make sure you and your staff know the latest tips and tricks, it can also be a beneficial session to make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as preparation, quality control and clean downs are concerned.

Made for the visionaries who strive for perfection in every cup, Gaggia's craftsmanship combines outstanding machine quality paired with irresistible artistic flair. Leaving a lasting impression, Gaggia operates with class and grace, providing mutual serenity between machine and owner.

This article first appeared in The Caterer on 9 May 2022

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