What you get

The easy way to boost your business and advertise your menu through the UK’s only menu marketing app!

With your menu at the fingertips of thousands of customers, watch your business grow!

More customers

No more window signs or email marketing. Getting customers to favourite you on our app gives you direct contact with them. As soon as you put an offer on it will instantly send push notifications to all customers who have favourited you directly to their phones!

More control

Our service allows you to control how your menu is advertised. You can log in to your bespoke page via our website and easily update any information, menus & offers as you need with ease. You can also view your page's statistics allowing you to watch your progress!

Save money

Save money on marketing and let us do all the hard work on your behalf.

With the easy to use online feature, we’ll take care of the promotional side, leaving you with more time to make the most of your business. 

What we do

Unlike other similar restaurant apps out there today we don't actually provide any type of service in terms of booking a table or providing a take out service. We are solely a hub to help customers decide where to eat out. The benefits for both customers and restaurants is that our search feature extracts all the words from your menu allowing them to be searchable to users, so, whether they fancy falafel, long for linguini or want to find a vegan menu, Which Menu promises to guide them to the closest restaurants nearby. This will increase footfall and more new customers to your restaurant. 

Offers & Push notifications

You can easily add and remove offers on your bespoke page via our website whenever you want at no extra cost. You can schedule offers to be on from a time / date and set the expiry of that offer meaning once the offer expires it will automatically remove from your page on the app. 

As soon as you place an offer it will send out push notifications to every customer that has favourited your restaurant on the Which Menu App - This is a great marketing tool for restaurants that will help get customers back and turn your empty seats into profit!

Which Menu tips..

Grow your business with ease with just a few clicks!

Everyone knows how effective social media is these days when growing your business, hence why so many businesses get their customers to follow and like them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.


But why do businesses use social media ?

- Is it for more traffic to your business / website ?

- To get new customers that don't already know about your business ?

- For brand awareness / to share exclusive offers to followers about your business ?


Or is it all of the above ?

We took this into account when we decided to integrate the push notification marketing tool to help turn your empty seats on your quieter days into profit. And restaurants using this feature to their advantage are seeing results! 

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