The more favourites the better chance of turning quiet days into busier days

What are others doing right ?

Each restaurant we sign onto Which Menu we give them marketing material to use to their advantage. Materials such as a A6 marketing stand along side many business cards telling customers to favourite their restaurant on the Which Menu app. 

The more customers that see the marketing material the more chance they will favourite your restaurant on the app - this goes back to the social media advantages, the more customers that favourite you on the app the better chance you have getting customers to personally see push notifications to their phones when you put offers on via our website!

How can we guarantee customers will favourite us ?

Like anything, nothing is guaranteed and not every customers will favourite you on the app! But the more the merrier.

We advise restaurants to place the A6 stands where customers will see it with ease; this could be by the front door as you walk in, next to the till, on the bar, in the waiting area...  it all depends how your restaurant is laid out!

For the business cards we advise restaurants to place them in with the bill, so customers see the cards for sure - whether they take action is up to them but at least a percentage of them might actually favourite you.

Why should i Favourite you ?

Now that you have the marketing materials restaurants seeing the most benefits are the ones that are letting their customers know how it actually works. 

Customers who favourite your restaurant will benefit from receiving instant notifications each time you put an offer on, so they will be kept up to date and have more chance seeing offers they might be interested in - everyone loves a deal so if its saving them money and bringing you business its a win win!

You probably have regular customers that come in daily, weekly or monthly. But users of the app can also search by offers on now meaning if you are using the tool to target existing customers with offers, you might even get a few more walk ins from new customers just because you have an offer on that they fancy.

Similar to Facebook likes and Instagram follows except you know for sure they will see the offer notification without the gamble of will they see this offer post or not. 


So now that you have all the marketing materials and your customers are starting to favourite you on the Which Menu app, your putting irresistible offers on your quieter days - you will start seeing the customers roll in!

Remember you can see all your statistics from the back-end when you login, including the number of favourites your restaurant has. So imagine over a year you gain 10k + favourites. The instant push notifications feature could attract a lot of trade on the quieter days!